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January, 2018


Indiana’s GluteForce® Ready for Best-of-the-Best in Strength and Conditioning

 Unique Glute, Hamstring, Abdominal Equipment Appeals to New, Experienced and Elite Athletes


Greenwood, Ind. – GluteForce®, the revolutionary workout equipment that provides multiple targeted exercises, will be featured at:

  • National Strength and Conditioning Association’s (NSCA) annual conference in San Antonio , TX
  • American Football Coaches Association (AFCA) Annual Conference San Antonio, TX
  • Glazier Football Clinics in: Chicago, Cincinnati, Nashville, Indianapolis
  • CSCCa annual conference in Fort Worth , TX

GluteForce, designed and built in Indiana, will demonstrate to best-of-the-best strength and conditioning coaches, sports scientists, and other fitness professionals how this innovative piece of equipment offers athletes what they want for speed, injury prevention, pushing power and agility.  It targets the posterior glute chain, hamstring and abdominal muscle groups in a manner not duplicated by other exercise equipment and adjusts to resistance levels appropriate for new, experienced and elite athletes.


GluteForce Main Exercises


Reverse Glute Extension feature offers a glute and hamstring workout with no pressure on the lower back.  It targets the “posterior glute chain tie-in” desired by all athletes.

Nordic Curl® isolates the lower hamstring with no impact on the knees and no engagement of antagonist muscle group (quads). The pivot point stays at the knee which alleviates cheating verses moving along the quadriceps like other equipment.

Inverted Abdominal Plank decompresses the spine by elongating the torso without severe bending or inducing torsion on the spinal column. The Bosu ball creates freedom at the hip pivot point that forces engagement of adjacent core muscle groups.


"It is very difficult to get a client to activate their glutes,” said Cortney King, Anytime Fitness Batesville personal trainer. “With the GluteForce, they always get it right. Often times, the client ends up saying 'I didn't even know I had those muscles!'"

About GluteForce


GluteForce was developed beginning in 2011. After several prototypes and testing for safety and performance by the Indiana State University Department of Kinesiology, Recreation, and Sport; the GluteForce was introduced to the fitness industry at the 2013 Club Industry Show. GluteForce then exhibited at the 2014 NFL Combine, 2014 International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association (IHRSA) International Trade Show, and the NIRSA 2014 Recreational Sports Expo.  At all of these events the GluteForce met with rave reviews from fitness professionals ranging from NFL strength coaches to top club owners—all have appreciated the innovation of the GluteForce proudly made in the USA.  The GluteForce team looks forward to demonstrating the GluteForce to bebest-of-the-best strength and conditioning coaches, sports scientists, and other fitness professionals at the NSCA’s conference.