Glute Force Team

Thank you for bringing such a needed and innovative piece of equipment to the industry.  Not only is posterior chain work (glutes, hamstring, erectors) lacking in sports, fitness, and society before Glute Force it was almost non-existent. 

The versatility of Glute Force not only saved us space at our advanced training center but it allowed our gym to have several pieces of equipment in one with minimal adjustments. 

Glute Force offers key exercises for both our physique team in helping them firm up their hamstrings and glutes and our performance team who are interested primarily in increasing their strength and overall power output.

Jesse Dale

Certified Master Trainer

CF-LI Certificate Holder & Coach

Powerlifting Certificate-Westside Barbell

NASM & ISSA Specialist in Sports Nutrition

I have had the Gluteforce in my commercial gym since September of 2013.  It has been an extremely positive addition to my gym and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

We have a diverse population that uses the Gluteforce on a daily basis from power lifters, bodybuilders and the senior population.  All of my personal trainers have found it to be an excellent tool to increase the strength, flexibility and athletic ability of our clients.

I would recommend the Gluteforce as a user friendly, effective piece of equipment to add to your fitness facility.

Yours in Good Health,
Matthew Serd
NCSF-CPT/Fitness Coach
NCSF Certified Sports Nutritionist
AdvoCare Independent Distributor

"It is very difficult to get a client to activate their glutes. With the GluteForce, they always get it right. Often times, the client ends up saying 'I didn't even know I had those muscles!'"

Cortney King

Personal Trainer

Anytime Fitness Batesville, IN

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